Monday, December 1, 2014

James Bond Tour in Phuket, Thailand

The thrill of going back to Phuket never ceases, it will always be there. 
And this is one of the reasons why!

boarding the luxury boat
Last year (2013), I enjoyed the Phi Phi Don and Maya Tour. This year it was supposed to be the Similan Islands Tours but unfortunately, the weather was not good, but I was given the best alternative - The James Bond Island Tour in Phuket. 

Orientation onboard the boat about the James Bond Tour
My hostel, Sino Inn Phuket, booked me at Phuket Patri Tour for this Luxury Boat Tour. There were 3 choices, namely: 4 in 1, 5 in 1 and the sunset tour. I chose the 4 in 1 package since I have a plane to catch in the afternoon going to Vietnam.  

There are other James Bond Tours using the speed boat and the traditional boat of Thailand. But the Luxury Boat 4 in 1 canoe is simply the best! The speed boat does not have the canoe.

Panak Island
The following morning I was fetched by the agency's service towards the docking area, boarded the boat and cruised our way to our first island destination - Panak Island.

boarding the canoe
I have been to so many tours in the Philippines and in 12 countries, but the James Bond Tour experience is simply one of the best (if not the best!). The canoe experience inside the cave is way beyond comparison. I experienced a similar tour at Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR). But this one is different in terms of the adventure it offers (though the interior of PPUR is a lot better than Panak Island and that is the reason why PPUR is one of the 8 Wonders of Nature in the world).

inside the cave, notice the guy lying at his back while exiting the narrow opening
The adventure and experience inside the cave are simply awesome! There are narrow and steep portions of the cave wherein you either have to lie on your back or squeeze your way through.

Hooray for the Panak Island Tour Adventure!

majestic scenery while onboard the boat

After staying in the island for almost an hour, we headed to our next destination. The islands of Phuket reminded me of El Nido, my favorite spot in the Philippines. But El Nido is still my favorite! =)

Hong Island
After 20 minutes, we reached our next stop - Hong Island!

Yes, I enjoyed Panak Island but I had twice the fun at Hong Island! 

The limestone and karst formation was much better, the canoe adventure was more daring and breathtaking, and the view of the lagoons, two thumbs up! 

The sight is something to behold while you are onboard the canoe!

After having the time of my life at the island, we proceeded to our third destination. The trip going to the next island was more than 20 minutes.

 Due to the narrow space of the docking area, we were fetched by another boat and we landed at  our main destination.

The James Bond Island

We were given 45 minutes to roam and enjoy the island and we did!

After the third destination, we took our sumptuous buffet lunch onboard the luxury boat.

After the lunch, we headed to our last destination where we enjoyed our snorkeling and diving activities. We were given another 45 minutes for the water adventure.

Past 2 pm, we went back to the docking area in Phuket Town. 

The James Bond Island Tour is 
simply exceptional and phenomenal!!


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