Saturday, December 27, 2014

Disneyland, Lantau Island and Biggest Buddha

It has been almost two months and I have not blogged the Hong Kong trip and while here in Baganga, Davao Oriental, I promised myself that I will finish it today.

I was given only three days stay in Hong Kong and on my second day, I went to Disneyland.

Honestly, I did not enter Disneyland because I find the 300 HKD quite expensive. I roamed around for half an hour and went to my second destination. And this one was more exciting.

From the station area of the cable car, I chose my own tour which included four (4) destinations with a tour guide and I paid 360 HKD. After paying, I immediately boarded the cable car going to Lantau Island.

It took me less than an hour before I reached the Ngong Ping Village.

First stop of the tour was the Old Fishing Village.

Thereafter, we boarded the traditional Chinese boat and went whale watching. And after only 10 minutes, we spotted the famous white whales.

After the whale watching, we were given 45 minutes to roam around the island and we did!

The Old Fishing Village experience is one of a kind!

We went back to Ngong Ping Village for our final destination. 
The second biggest Buddha in the world.

One has to make an uphill trek to have a closer view of the Buddha. And you have to be physically prepared for the long and tiring ordeal.

It took me only less than 20 minutes before I reached the peak and I was gasping for breath. I am no longer use to climbing, maybe I am getting old already.

And finally, the second biggest Buddha

We had to ride again the cable car going back to the mainland.

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