Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wandering in Ho Chi Minh (Markets in District 1)

Yes, I love Pho Bo (beef noodle)!

It is one of the reasons why I always make it a point to drop by in Vietnam whenever I have my international tour. 

Last November 2014, upon arrival in Ho Chi Minh and missing it for one year, I immediately went out of the hotel and walked around District 1.

typical resto in Ho Chi Minh
I was so hungry that day and good thing there was a local restaurant which was located near the hotel where I was staying. And for a price of 24,000 Dong, you can enjoy your pho bo meal.

local female vendor
 After taking my late lunch, I continued my tour of the city on foot and was amazed of the culture of the Vietnamese. 

After several minutes, darkness was catching up and I went to my main destination.

There are five Ho Chi Minh markets that you should visit while you are in the city, namely:

1. Ben Thanh Market, near Pham Ngu Lao where you can buy Northface and Kipling products at a very lower price;

2. Dan Sinh Market,   at the corner of Nguyen Cong Tru and Yersin Streets where you can find Vietnam war surplus souvenirs;

3. Bin Tay Market, known as the Cholon or big market where you can buy at wholesale price;

4. Con Giang Street Market, at the south side of District 1; and

5. Saigon Square, at Nan Ky Khoi Street.

Again, my main destination was the Bin Thanh Market. I bought souvenir items and visited some acquaintances that I know from my previous visits.

Tips: When a seller at the market gives you the price, immediately ask for a discount of half of the price given to you because based on my experience, the real price is only half of the price initially offered.

Be careful at the market, there are reported instances of pick-pocketing activities around the market.

And I waited for another hour before the night market opened. Opening time is 7:00 pm and closing is 11:00 pm. Your Ho chi Minh visit will not be complete without going and buying at the night market at Bin Thanh Market.

After buying the souvenirs that I need, I went to the park just beside the market and continued my wandering escapade.

After 4 hours of wandering around the city, I stopped for my dinner but this time it was a dried beef noodle. A day full of Vietnamese life and culture.

Experience the city life in Ho Chi Minh!

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