Friday, November 16, 2012

Adventures in Cebu City (in 5 hours)

Holy Week 2011. I woke up at around 4:15 in the morning, fixed myself and hurried to catch a bus from Batangas to the Domestic Airport in Manila.

I arrived at the Airport 6:45 am, my PAL flight (Php 2,048) was scheduled to leave at around 9:00 am but since the flight was announced as “delayed”. The 9 am passengers were allowed to board the 8 am flight to Cebu. Good for me!!! Good start! =))

We arrived in Cebu 10:20 am and I immediately went to the seaport to buy my Super Cat ticket to Tagbilaran which costs Php 550.

I have only 5 hours to spend in Cebu and I better start enjoying it!

After buying it, I went to Crown Regency Hotel for my first adventure!

Unfortunately, on weekdays it was scheduled to start 2pm and so I decided to have my city tour (Php600) instead. And so, I boarded a taxi and haggled with the taxi driver for the city tour. Nice doing business with the driver. 

We went to the - 

Taoist Temple 

Fort San Pedro

Magellan’s Cross

Sto Niño Church 

Cebu Cathedral

We finished early and I decided to go back to the Crown Regency Hotel.

I waited for one hour before it actually started and paid Php 1,000 for the Edge Coaster, Sky Walk and the City Zipline package (I experienced the Tagaytay zipline a couple of years ago).

The waiting was worth it!

I needed another person to be my partner in the EDGE COASTER, and luckily for me I met Ms. Maxene Arana (of a traveling agency) and got her as my partner in the Edge Coaster.


I WAS TERRIFIED! Imagine yourself hanging on the edge of a building. But I had to look fearless that day (kahiya naman sa napakaganda kong partner).

The adventure was good only for 3-5 minutes only! Not enough time..

Then, we had to wear our protective gear for the next adventure, the SKYWALK!

Orange! Yeah, that was the color of our gear.

We (my partner was again Maxene again, talk about being lucky that day hehehehe), then we walked on the 38th floor with only a cable attached on our backs for ten minutes. I couldn’t feel my legs (and even my balls). Again, I should appear fearless and bold! (for my partner)…

There was this portion of the walk wherein you have to walk on a fiber glass floor, and you could see the street below, the cars passing and the people walking.

OMG!!! (for the second time)

Then, the last leg of my adventure – THE ZIPLINE!!!!!!!!

I was given last minute instructions on what are the things I should do, expect etc.. (btw, I signed a waiver for this, meaning – alang INSURANCE).

And so there I go – zipping / free- falling for 8 seconds on the 40th floor of the Crown Hotel to another building.

OMG!!! (terrified and shocked!!!) I couldn’t even utter anything. 

There were no words coming from my mouth and the only thing I was doing was grasping tightly the cable of my zipline!!!!

I thought it was over, I guessed wrong.

The ride was two-way.

I had to go back, no choice!

The return ride lasted for almost 60 seconds and this time it was motorized. And I was seated! (Talk about a little bit of relaxation on the 40th floor of the building)
After the ride, I immediately paid the pictures as a souvenir(Php 600, 690 and 440)!!

I zoomed to the elevator and flagged down a taxi and went to the pier Gate 4 and I was able to catch my 4:30 pm ride to Tagbilaran, Bohol.

I enjoyed my adventures in Cebu! =)

N.B. - total cost of the experience - Php 5,420

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