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Caves in the Philippines: A Spelunker's Dream!

The Philippines is blessed with a variety of tourist destinations ranging from white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, lagoons, mangroves, hills, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, water falls and breathtaking landscapes and seascapes. These destinations offer numerous ecotourism and recreational activities. 

From the numerous recreational activities, my personal favorite is Spelunking

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According to Merriam-Webster, Spelunking/Caving is the hobby or practice of exploring caves. Some call it a sport in which people explore caves. 

Others define it as an exhilarating journey to the deep, dank, dark depths of the Earth. I simply call it my passion!   

The love for this ecotourism activity started in Sagada, Mountain Province. I had no idea then what was spelunking was all about. But the love and urge for it grew from then on.

Here are the caves that I have explored in the Philippines.

Sumaguing-Lumiang Cave, Sagada, Mountain Province

This a four-hour trek inside the cave starting from Lumiang cave and ending in Sumaging cave.

One has to be very careful inside the cave. It is very slippery and the terrain is rugged.

There are times you have to tip-toe walking in narrow cliffs inside the cave. 

And even cross pockets of water inside the cave.

Year 2011, I went back to Sagada for the two-hour Sumaging Cave adventure.

    The Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) is one of the Seven Nature Wonders of the World. It boasts of  an 8.2 kilometer underground water system. But only 1.5 kilometers can be explored using a boat ride. 

     The tour is good for 45 minutes only.

Inside the cave, the sight is just magnificent!

     Hinagdanan Cave, Bohol 

     From Tagbiliran City, a 40-minute van ride 
     will take you to the spot.

     Callao Cave, Penablanca, Cagayan

The seven-chambered Callao Caves boast of massive limestone and other rock formations, skylights, and a chapel.Every chamber has natural crevices, which let light get into the cave, serving as illumination for the otherwise dark areas of the place. A boat ride is a must to reach the entrance of the cave.
      Cagayan is the cave capital of the Philippines.


       Sta. Victoria Caves. Ilagan, Isabela

       There are three caves that you can 

           Aglipay Caves, Quirino
          The spelunking can be finished in 1-2   hours.


     There are times that you have to crawl inside the cave.


   Amazing formations can be seen inside the cave.


      Leaving the cave, you have to climb the man-made ladder.


    Sohoton Cove, Bucas Grande Island

    In order to reach the spot, one must ride the boat.


Odloman Cave, Negros Oriental 

You have to trek just to reach the cave.
     This cave is 8.9 km. long. Five entrances have been connected and the system comprises a mix of large and small galleries with some active streamway. This cave is the 6th deepest in the country.

     I was  able to reach our destination.  
    Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary equipment to enter the cave. 


    Mabinay Caves, Negros Oriental

        Negros Oriental is home to a number of caves in the Philippines.

    Silop Cave, Surigao City

         The cave can be reached within 25-30   minute ride from the city.


      Sohoton Cave, Basey Samar 

    One has to rent a boat to reach the cave. This is included as one of the 32 ecotourism spots in the Philippines. 

    And finally, the latest cave I trekked,

    Calbiga Caves, Western Samar

     The largest cave system in the Philippines 
      and third in Southeast Asia.

    You can also enjoy bird watching while 
      trekking after your spelunking.

     Try trekking, bird watching and spelunking in the Philippines.

      It's more fun doing these activities in the Philippines! =)

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  3. Hi Sir, is there a club or any small group that an spelunker wanna be like me can join?
    I have not tried it yet but definitely looking forward to be on different caves in Philippines

    1. Yes, there is. But I forgot the name and I am not a member. Manila-based sya