Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Adventures in Sagada (plus Itinerary)

This November 2012 would be my third time going to Sagada. But the trip never fails to amaze and excite me!


The first tour was 2010.  The tour covered Sagada, Banaue Rice Terraces and Nueva Vizcaya. It was good for 3 days and 3 nights. I was a lone backpacker and just joined a group whom I met in my bus ride to Sagada and they were kind enough to allow me to join their tour so that I could minimize my expenses. I love that group. It is not often that I join a group tour. One of the rare occasions, but I really enjoyed it.

The bus ride to Baguio is approximately 6-7 hours.

The fare for the bus is PhP445.00 and I always use Genesis transport at Doroteo Jose LRT 1 Station (Genesis now has its Joy bus ride which is non-stop, costs PhP650.00 and the schedule of the trip is 3:00 pm and 5:00pm). They have the Doroteo Jose Terminal and the Cubao Terminal. The first trip in Manila is 11pm and the last trip is 8:30 in the evening.

I was not able to sleep much in the trip. Upon reaching Baguio, I flagged down a taxi to the mini-bus to Sagada (I forgot the name of the terminal). The taxi fare to the terminal is negotiable between PhP40-60. You have to buy the ticket in advance and it will be checked later on by the conductor.

The bus ride to Sagada is 6-7 hours again! You will know the reason why the province is called Mountain Province. It is not air-conditioned (you do not need it, believe me). The view is breathtaking!! If you are a nature lover, then, you will definitely enjoy this trip. The fare is PhP220.00.

We stayed in Tita Mary’s Lodge. It is near the end of the bus ride to Sagada and just a stone’s throw to the municipal hall. The lodging fee is P250/night per pax. I was really surprised when I heard how much the lodging fee is. The room fee is 1,750.00 or a total of 7 pax only in a room. I stayed in a separate room.

After one hour, the group informed me that we have to start our spelunking. So we went to the registration area for tourists and hire a guide and a van. They decided to take the 4-hour spelunking instead of the 2-hour cave tour. I have no idea then what adventure awaited me. Just wanted to join the group and experience this thrill!

The 2-hour Sumaging cave tour is 125 per pax. You have to rent a van to reach the site. In excess of 10 pax, 3 guides are now necessary.

I made a video to characterize what is spelunking in Sumaging using the 4-hour tour. It is included in this blog.

Expect a lot of thrills inside the cave!!!! Plenty of adventure inside the cave. Try to bring a waterproof camera. I discouraged the bringing of dslr.

It was my first time to have spelunking. And I enjoyed it!!!!

By the way, have I mentioned about the weather in Sagada. You have to bring your jacket. It is a lot colder there compared to Baguio. It was December. It was freezing cold!  

Inside the Sumaging Cave

One of the thrills inside

The following day we went to Bomod-ok Falls. Had to rise early for that trek.

We rented a van and a guide. The fee for the van is P600.00 and guide is P500.00.

The trek is 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on your pace.

Then, at around 11:00 am we went back and we went the Hanging Coffin. We were very lucky that day because the weather was good and there was an actual burial scheduled on that day. The ritual lasted for almost 2 hours.

Then, we went back to the lodge.

Bomod-ok Falls

It's so fun here!

Hanging Coffins

The following day, we went to Banaue Rice Terraces. (I will narrate it some other time).

Banaue Rice Terraces Accommodations
Municipal Lodge - 0917-507-8988
Happy Homes Lodge - 0926-280-3213
HG Homestay and Restaurant - 0915-415-6585
Giovanni's Place - 0915-749-7322


The second tour was 2011. Sagada-Baguio-Clark Air Base-Subic Freeport. The tour in Sagada was good only for one day. I did not stay long because of the inclement weather. I tried the 2-hour cave tour.

Trips to Sagada

Municipal Hall

King's Curtain


My Korean companion enjoying the moment

Tita Mary's Lodge


And this will be the third time. Sagada-Baguio anew. =)

Sagada-Baguio Tour (3 days, 3 nights)

                       Itinerary for the Third Trip
Day 1
1930    -           Go to Manila (from Batangas)
2130    -           ETA in Buendia LRT Station
2135    -           LRT to Doroteo Jose Station
2150    -           Doroteo Station (go to Genesis Terminal)
2200    -           Boarding sa bus en route to Baguio
2300    -           ETD for Baguio

Day 2
06:00   -           ETA in Baguio
06:10   -           Go to Sagada Terminal
0630    -           ETD in Sagada (first trip)
1300    -           ETA in Sagada            
1320    -           Check in sa Lodge
1400   -            SPELUNKING (Sumaging Cave for 2 hours only) There are two options. The 4-hour (Lumiang-Sumaging cave tour) and 2-hour. The 4 hours is a bit extreme for first timers.

1730    -           Done with spelunking
1745    -           SOUVENIR SHOPPING
1830    -           Early dinner
1900    -           Bonding time (drinking spree, sharing, wrestling etc.)
2100    -           Sleeping time

Day 3
0530    -           Wake up
0700    -           Off to Bomod-Ok Falls
0730    -           ETA in jump-off point (start of trek)
0830    -           Community interaction
0930    -           ETA in the falls
0930-1200 – Swimming/sightseeing/nature tripping
1210    -           Lunch
1300    -           Back to the jump-off point
1.       Hanging Coffin
2.       Lake
3.       Orange plantation

1800    -           Back to Lodge
1830    -           Dinner
2100    -           Sleeping time

Day 4
0430    -           Wake up time
0600    -           Bus terminal to Baguio
0630    -           Off to Baguio
1300    -           ETA in Baguio
1300-1600-      City Tour (Mines View, Burnham Park, Good Shepherd, Grotto, Mansion, Botanical Garden, Session Road, Kennon Road)
16:30   -           End of City Tour (for those who would like to spend their night in Baguio, you can stay and enjoy the nightlife)
17:00   -         Off to Manila
23:00  -          ETA in Manila

Things to do in Sagada
1.       Spelunking
2.       Swimming
3.       Trekking
4.       Nature tripping
5.       Souvenir shopping

Things to do in Baguio
1.      City tour
2.      Souvenir shopping
Summary of expenses

1.      Tan.-Manila          99.00 (200 back and forth)           -  200.00
2.      Baguio-Manila    445.00 (P890 back and forth)         -  890.00
3.      Baguio-Sagada    220.00 (440 back and forth)           -  440.00
4.      Lodging              250/day (500 for 2 days)                   -  500.00
5.      Food                     67 ave  (630 for 9 meals)                -  630.00
6.      Cave tour            200/pax (approx. for 12 pax)           -  200.00
7.      Falls                     100/pax (approx. for 12 pax)          -  100.00
8.      Orange picking    112/pax                                             -  112.00
9.      Lake                    option (P500 for the van)
10.  Hanging Coffins   option (included sa falls)
11.  Souvenir              t-shirt is P200-300                              -  300.00


  1. Na-excite ako lalo!!! first time ko mapunta sa cave of ever :D

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  3. Yes. I was there last Nov. 30 - Dec 2. We were 13 pax. We rented a house for P250/pax.

    Homestay - 09197028380

    Karen (another house) - 09077714431

    Tita Mary's Lodge - 09196728744

    Should you need a guide -

    George - 09197856140
    Harley - 09186809284

  4. I will try to make a blog of my last tour of Sagada last Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2012. It was the best tour compared to the previous two. We went to all the tourist spots in Sagada. Give me one month. It's X-mas season and I am quite busy right now. Thanks! =)

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