Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mt. Makiling Trek and Itinerary

I have trekked Mt. Makiling a couple of times already. Trekking seems to be one of the ecotourism activities that I prefer doing aside from spelunking/caving.

First time I went to Mt. Makiling was for our camping trip when I was still a teenager. Second time was in college. Then, eventually climbing Mt. Makiling seemed to be part of my yearly routine. There are extreme mountains to be explored in the Philippines such as Mt. Apo in Davao, Mt. Pulag in Benguet, Mt. Canlaon in Negros Oriental, to name a few. But due to its proximity, trekking Mt. Makiling has been one of the activities I love doing. 

Mt. Makiling is considered one of the 32 recognized ecotourism spots in the Philippines. I prepared a simple one-day trek to guide you in exploring Mt. Makiling. 

Mt. Makiling Trek
(One-Day trek)

                                04:30           -           Assembly Time (Buendia, Pasay)
04:45             -           Off to Mt. Makiling                                             
06:45             -           ETA @ Mt. Makiling Entry Pt./Registration                                                              
07:00             -           Start of Trek
07:30             -           Arrival at Flatrocks
08:45             -           Arrival at Mudsprings
09:30             -           Arrival at Tayabak
(Community Interaction/Birdwatching)
11:00             -           Arrival at Agila Base
                                    Stations 11-13
                                    End of ascent/climb
12:00             -           Lunch
13:00             -           Descent
14:30             -           Estimated Time of End of Trek
14:45             -           Estimated Time of Departure

            Trek Time
                        Peak 2 – 4 hours
                        Peak 3 – 6 hours (via Sto. Tomas, Batangas)
                        Agila Base – less than 2 hours
                        Mudspring – 1 hour

Ecotourism activities
            Nature Tripping
            Nature Photography
            Mountain Running
            Mountain Biking
            Offroad Biking

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Photoshoot requirement: NONE

Videoshoot requirement - 

1.     Make a letter and address it to -

Office of the Director
Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems
College of Forestry and Natural Resources
University of the Philippines Los Banos

Contact Nos. (049) 536-2637 / (049) 536-3572
Office of the Mayor - (049) 536-0050 / 536-7861

Here are some of the pictures in our trek -

Ready to trek Mt. Makiling
Map of Mt. Makiling
Mt. Makiling trail
Mountain Biking
You will never get lost
Done with the trek



Others –


  1. hi can we trek here with out a guide?

  2. Yes, at the registration area they provide a map and just follow the map and you'll never get lost. But then, the guide is useful for finding birds, monkeys and other remote and secluded areas. Have safe trek! =)

  3. Replies
    1. I really cannot recall the exact amount. But I am sure it less than P50.00 only