Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exploring Bukidnon Twice!

"This is definitely not part of the plan," I told myself.

But since I was in Cagayan De Oro then, and Bukidnon was just one hour ride away, I decided to include Bukidnon in my itinerary.

Again, my instinct served me right as I was about to embark in another adventure.

So from Camiguin, I waited for almost an hour at Benoni port, Camiguin for the Paras Sea Cat trip to Cagayan. 

There were so many passengers that day because it was Easter Sunday and people then were very eager to go back to Manila or possibly somewhere else. 

I boarded the fast craft around 5 pm and the trip was good for two hours only. But unfortunately, the trip lasted for two and a half hours. I was famished already. I wanted to go to Jollibee and eat the crispy bangus (it was still holy week and my promise not to eat meat was supposed to end the following day).

And so from the pier, I flagged down several jeeps en route to Gaisano Mall. Malas! It was difficult finding one.

Finally, I was able to board one and it stopped at Gaisano Mall, only to find out that Jollibee branch there was not serving bangus (milkfish). Alas!! I roamed inside the mall and I was able to find Chowking! Thank you Lord!

I went to Market City for my ride to Bukidnon. The bystanders told me that I should ride only the red bus with the signboard - "Valencia". Again, I was not able to find one. 

I was told that I could ride another bus with the signboard - "Davao". And we waited for the bus to leave the terminal for almost an hour again. I was standing since there were no more seats available and the bus was not even air-conditioned. I was sweating. Tired.

Around 9:10 pm, the bus started to leave the terminal and there we went to Bukidnon. It was an uphill ascent towards Bukidnon. We stopped in one area for the mandatory foot bath. I was standing on the platform of the bus, sleepy and ready to fall outside the bus. Both my feet were trembling, I was really tired.

Then, I reached my destination past 10 pm and went to Baldoesa Lodging House. The lodging was worth P150 only!!! In a matter of minutes, darkness surrounded the room.

I woke up 5 am and was excited to start my tour as early as possible. My plane back to Manila would leave at around 3:55 pm and by 2 pm I should already be in the airport.

Monday!!! Tapos na ang holy week!!

I ordered one kalderetang kambing and partake my meal. Sarap! =)

I hired my guide and negotiated my tour for Php 400 only. The itinerary included the Del Monte pineapple farm, Camp Philips and Dahilayan Adventure Park. Again, another motorcycle tour.

The pineapple farm extended from acres to acres. Well, I have seen a pineapple plantation in Tagaytay but this one was just too much.  Initially, my camera was not working but luckily it functioned and I was shooting at all angles.

Handpicked pineapple!

Then, we passed Camp Philips and went to Dahilayan.

Whoa! now I know why Bukidnon was chosen as the pineapple plantation in the Philippines. It's because of its weather! 

Upon arrival at the Dahilayan Park, I immediately bought my tickets for the 340, 150 and 840 meters zipline and the rope walk. It was worth PhP 1,000. 

"Another zipline", I told myself.

No thrills on the 150 and the 340 meters zipline but I lost my senses when I experienced the 840 meters zipline.

Normally, one shout to loosen your fear would be enough for a zipline. BUT, I shouted and shouted several times, exhausting and enjoying it!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah......

Touchdown! Glad I am on the ground.

Whew!!! That was something, that was the longest zipline in Asia (the longest now in the Philippines is in Bataan and in Butuan).

Anyway, I went to the rope course and  hurdled all the courses! Afterwards, we went nature tripping and decided to go back to the mainland.

I enjoyed it!

I took my lunch. Flagged down a bus and went to the airport. As usual, the arrival of the plane was delayed for 45 minutes courtesy of AirPhil. Nonetheless, I was happy and boarded the plane.

After several hours, thank you Lord, I arrived in Batangas! 

N.B. - total cost of the tour - Php 2,290

The Next Visit (Summer 2012)

The following year I just could not control the urge of going back to Bukidnon to experience the "Flying Gecko Adventure." But this time I stayed in Cagayan De Oro. 

I made the reservation calling the Montana Tours (Cell No.-0920-9600192/  But I ended up talking Mr. Cal Frias (Cell no. - 0916-5937034), the owner of the flying gecko.  

I went to Manolo Fortich as early as 5 am just to be in time for the morning flight of the flying gecko. 

I arrived ahead of everybody. I waited for fifteen minutes and the flying gecko crew arrived past 6 am. They immediately set up the plane and it took them only 30 minutes to finish it. 

Then, I boarded the plane and here it goes!


I have had flown in so many airplanes already. But this one was just beyond my expectation!! 

You can feel the rush of the wind brushing in your face!

I thought I was going to fall! I had mixed emotions during the entire flight! 

The ride was good for fifteen minutes only.

Aerial shot of Bukidnon (it was cloudy that day) 

We landed after fifteen minutes and I paid PhP1,600 for the ride. It was worth every penny of it!

Try the Flying Gecko Adventure!

Visit Bukidnon, you will surely love it!



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