Friday, November 2, 2012

White River Rafting in Davao!

So what is white river rafting?

Well, I am lost for words to describe it.

The first time I experienced river rafting was in the Governor's Rapids in Quirino. 

Cagayan De Oro

But the thrill of the  experience came in Cagayan De Oro! The rafting is four (4) hours and consists of 21-22 rapids. It was fun!

Then, came Davao!

While I was doing the rafting in Cagayan De Oro, one of the paddlers told me that there is another similar adventure in Davao and the thought came to me. "I will also try Davao!"

I love adventures and dangers. I am a lone backpacker. And I have decided. I will try Davao!

Upon arriving in Davao, I went to Samal Island for a day then went to the city proper where I booked for the river rafting.

The following morning, I woke up 6am and fixed myself and immediately flagged down and boarded a taxi. The meeting place was in Davao Corocodile Park. The ride from my inn to the park was thirty minutes.

I arrived at the park and waited for it to open. I met my contact person named Adam.

Briefing was made. And we went to the site. The ride again from the park to the rafting site is one (1) hour. Along the way, we introduced ourselves to each other. My co-paddlers are Zach, Shawn, Izza, Nash, Ray, and I. And our river guide is the hilarious and unpredictable guy named Mac! There are two (2) groups of paddlers. 

Another briefing was made when we arrived at the site.

Then after the twenty minute briefing, we were off!!

The rafting consists of 25 rapids for three (3) hours over 13 kilometers of the river.

We were eager to paddle! Mac was shouting at the top of his voice - "easy paddle!"

In just a matter of ten minutes and while waiting for the other boat, we were pulled by the current towards a wall. In Cagayan, we hit so many walls and so this is another wall. I WAS WRONG!

We tried to evade the wall. But our maneuvering was futile. We hit hard!

And so it happened! CAPSIZED!

I was drowning for 6-7 seconds, I was struggling to go to the surface, everything was moving fast. My right foot hit a big rock and then my knee hit another. My sight was becoming blurred...I was losing hope! Then,somebody yelled - "Lean forward!! It was Nash. I came to my senses. I leaned forward. I tried my best to hold on to Nash. But I coudn't. Then, I saw the raft and fought my way through the rapids. I gripped on the paddle and somebody pulled me aboard.. OMG! 

The adrenalin rush was still pumping when I was pulled in. I lost my paddle. Mac tried to find it and he did.`

The tour is three hours and we've just started.

With Mac

I told Mac that I hate him for what he did and he was laughing out loud.

Anyway, on with the tour...

It is totally different in Cagayan. In Cagayan there are portions of calm waters and rapids. So there are times you can swim and enjoy mother nature.

In Davao, the rapids are near to each other and there is no way you can swim.

In other words, it is extremely dangerous in Davao!

After 45 minutes, we stopped and partake our packed lunch. It took twenty minutes for all of us to finish our lunch.

Then, the journey went on for another hour and a half.. It was three hours. But it lasted forever in my memory. CHERISHED!

Jumpshot in Davao!
How to rescue a person submerged in water

Contact nos -

Davao River Rafting/Poloy - 0923-658-6048

FEE - P1,500/ pax

Cagayan River Rafting/REDDRAFTS - 0919-502-6317; 0917-855-6983; 0922-897-3175; 088-857-7238

FEE - P1,300/pax (Total of six pax)
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