Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Waterfalls Chasing: Malatan-og Falls, Don Salvador, Negros Occidental

Waterfalls chasing is an inevitable adventure that I have learned to embrace. love, and practice through the years of my travel in the Philippines. Formerly, spelunking kept me busy. But the danger and hardships caused by spelunking have turned me into waterfalls chasing.

The Malatan-og Falls was not part of my itinerary in Bacolod. But the size of the falls lured me into trekking it.

How to get there

From San Carlos City
Fare in the ordinary bus is P58. Travel time is more or less 1 hour and 20 minutes or 38 kilometers.

From Bacolod
Using an aircon bus, fare is P78. Travel time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

From San Carlos (Sidetrip to Mambukal Falls)
Fare is P104 and travel time is 2 hours.

From Bacolod to Mambukal Falls
Fare in an ordinary bus is P26. Travel time is 20-30 minutes.

From the viewdeck, the trek to the falls is normally 30 minutes (fast-paced). There is no entrance fee or other fees.

You will pass rice terraces and make river crossings along the trek to the falls. Guide fee is P300 and I did not bother to hire one (which I will later on regret!). Along the trail, I passed by a SNAKE! I kept myself frozen for a minute and we were both staring at each other and finally, the snake swerved to the other direction. Whew! 

Patience is a virtue!! hahahaha
It pays to have a guide! =) 

Finally, after 30 minutes, I witnessed the sight of the falls. MAJESTIC!!


This falls is the tallest in Negros and the area is still undeveloped. I hope this will not be developed!

I met some tourists who visited also the falls. 

After 45 minutes of staying and resting at the base of the falls, I decided to go back and head back to Cebu. Going back was the hardest part. I knew I was going to have difficulty ascending with my 12 kilo backpack at my back on a very steep and narrow path. Good thing I was able to find a guide and for P200, he was the one who carried my backpack.

Enjoy Negros! 


  1. Hi is the trail to the falls difficult to find?
    I'm planning this week to go there alone. do i need to register at there tourism office or it just fine to drop off at the view deck? hopefully i will never encounter a snake along the way.
    Thanks. Your blog really helps a lot.

    1. Nope, I walked there alone po. Ndi po ako nagregister. I just just made it to the drop off point po.

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  3. Would you recommend to get a guide po or can we go on our own na lang?😊 Thanks!

  4. they have new rules ang regulations now to preserve the area. You have to register and the entrance is 50 pesos. Also 1 tour guide or 300 pesos for a group of 9 persons. Tourists are not allowed to cook in the area.