Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sunset and Nightlife in Zamboanga City

Paseo Del Mar

After your city tour or adventure in Sta. Cruz. Island, the next question is what are you going to do? Well, there are several bars in Zamboanga City but I do not indulge in going into those places during my travel. So here are my suggestions on what you are suppose to do and place to do it.

Watch the Sunset

You have two options. Either do it at the Boulevard or at Paseo Del Mar. 

I suggest you should do it at the Boulevard where the boats are docked for your background.

Zamboanga City offers one of the best places in the Philippines to enjoy sunset viewing. I felt I was watching it in Manila Bay when I was doing it.

Chicken BBQ place beside Pilar College

The next question is where are you going to eat after the sunset viewing?

There are three options, namely: the chicken barbeque place beside Pilar College (also located in the Boulevard). It is open only at night.

Aside from their chicken barbeque which costs only P65 pesos. You have to try their own version of how they cook their rice called "buso." The rice costs only P10 per pack.

Second option is also near the Boulevard. It is callled Ole Ole Malaysia. It is open from 5pm to 5am only. They serve authentic Malaysian dishes at an affordable price (P65-P100 only).

There is a street in San Jose Road near Jollibee which leads to the alley where Oley Oley is located.

Third choice is Mano Mano which is located inside Paseo Del Mar. The chicken barbeque costs only P95 (with unlimited rice and a soft drink). It is open only at night.

After taking your dinner, the best dessert is the Knicker Bocker ice cream. It is the best dessert in town. There are other stores offering it but Knicker Bocker is the best!!

It costs only P70 per cup. The serving includes strawberry ice cream loaded with a variety of fruits! Yummy! =)

You can also watch the display of lights at the fountain inside Paseo Del Mar.

Lastly, during weekends, depending on the season, they also have Vinta rides along Paseo Del Mar. 

Enjoy you staycation in Zamboanga City!

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