Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Waterfalls Chasing in Negros: Mambukal Falls, Murcia, Negros Occidental

This was part of the plan. But going to Malatan-og Falls was not. 
But both falls were definitely superb!!

April 2015

I was en route to Silay City to visit a very dear friend, mentor, and my former boss. (Mam Phlor). Part of the itinerary was to go to The Ruins and Mambukal Falls.

How to get there 
From San Carlos City (San Carlos is the gateway from Cebu
Board a flight to Cebu. From the airport, go to South Bus Terminal. Board the Ceres Bus going to Toledo. The bus leaves every hour and starts 5 am and ends 5 pm. Reaching Toledo, board the fast craft to San Carlos. Fare is P225. Travel time using the fast craft is 1 hour only. Schedule of the boat is 7:30 am. 9:30 am, 12:30 nn and 3:30 pm. 

Reaching San Carlos, board the bus going to Bacolod. Take the bus with the signage via Don Salvador. Travel time is 2 hours. Alight at the crossing in Mambukal. Board the mini-bus going to Mambukal (P15) or hire a habal-habl ride (P150). Travel time to the falls is 20 minutes.

From Bacolod City
Book a flight to Bacolod City. Go to Libertad in Bacolod City and board the mini-bus going to Mambukal. Fare is P30 but the travel time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I hired a habal-habal and off we went to the falls. 
Along the way, scenic spots can be admired!
Mambukal falls is composed of seven falls!

After nearly 20 minutes, we reached Mambukal Resort. The falls is located inside the resort.

Rates of almost everything are posted at the entrance.

This is the start of the trail. Entrance fee is P20. Guide fee depends on your discretion.

You can opt to choose the hanging bridge for P50.

After 20 minutes, we reached the base of the first falls.

Falls No. 1

Thereafter, we ascended towards the second falls.

Less than 2 minutes of ascending, we reached - Falls No. 2.

We further ascended and after 5 minutes, we reached - Falls No. 3.

top of Falls No. 5

Falls No. 4 was recently destroyed by the last typhoon that hit Negros. I was not able to shoot Falls No. 5, since the path was likewise destroyed. 

Falls No. 6
Falls Nos. 5 and 6 are very near each other.
I did not bother ascend to Falls No. 7 since it was only small and the trek is an other 30 minutes to it.

After I descended, I roamed around the resort and the best part of it was the LAGOON!

Going back, I was entertained by the scenic view of Mambukal, Murcia. 

Enjoy Negros! =)


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  2. hi, this could be very helpful for tomorrow for us. Do you know what bus you used? or is it just a Jeepney? and you know at what time it was your bus?

  3. Hi sir, is it possible to visit here for just half day? I am planning to go to Iloilo in the afternoon. I hope I can get your answer. Thanks!