Saturday, April 4, 2015

Motorbike Tour in Basco, Batanes


It was my third day in Batanes and my second time to visit the province. Just came from my tour in Itbayat and I arrived past 1 pm. I went to Itbayat with Red Chuca, Kareen Pamela and Carole Carl. Met them on my first day in Batan Island. 

I rested for just one hour and I wanted more from Batanes and I decided to explore the Southern and the Northern part of Batan using the motorbike that I rented form Ms. Elma Batallones, the very hospitable and kindhearted owner of the homestay where I stayed in Basco. 

Before embarking on your tour, it is better to have a map of the place to guide you. And thank you to 

Normally, the rate of the motorbike rent is P100/hour but Ms. Elma gave me a fair discount of the fee and I rented it for more than 3 hours. From the town, I went to the road leading to Taytay or Fundacion and after a couple of minutes, I arrived at my first destination - The Japanese Tunnel.

After taking some pictures, I went to me next destination - The Idjang Fortress.

I had to hurry a bit because part of the motorbike tour was the sunset viewing and it was already 4 pm. After a couple of minutes, I arrived at another spot - the PAGASA Weather Station.

Just a stone's throw away is the Mt. Carmel Church. The town of Basco can be seen from this spot and this is the second church in Basco.

Along the way, I passed by the windmills at the top of Basco. Unfortunately, the windmills are undergoing repairs for the meantime.

One of the highlights of this tour is the view of the Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge. This lodging establishment is said to offer the most expensive and best accommodation in Batanes. 

 After almost an hour of touring, I arrived at the Tayid or Mahatao Lighthouse. The second of the four lighthouses in Batanes. The fourth one is still being built.

Among the four lighthouses, Mahatao Lighthouse is my personal favorite and the best spot in Batan Island to watch the sunrise.

I stayed and enjoyed the scenery for a couple of minutes and afterwards, I zoomed to my next destination - Marlboro Country. Personally, it is the best place to stay and relax in the afternoon.

And just 3 kilometers away is the Alapad Rock Formation in Uyugan. I had to go back as fast as I could for my sunset viewing and I went back to the town.

It took me 30 minutes of motorbike driving before I arrived back in town. I was very careful of the steep and winding curves of the hills along the way and I arrived safely back in town. I stopped for a minute to pray at the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.  The first Spanish Catholic church built in Batanes in the early part of the 18th century.

From the town, I went to the Vayang Rolling Hills. These are seemingly endless waves of hills and one of the best spots in Basco.

It is the best spot to enjoy the seascape and landscape of Batanes. It is best explored and enjoyed on foot. 

From the rolling hills, you can see the Naidi Hills and that was my last stop for the day.

I have seen the Basco Lighthouse at Naidi Hills but it never ceased to amaze me. One of the best lighthouses in the Philippines.

If Mahatao Lighthouse is the best spot to watch the sunrise. Basco lighthouse is the best spot to watch and enjoy the sunset.

I stayed after the sunset and watched the changing colors of the horizon. Luckily, it was full moon that day and I likewise stayed and enjoyed stargazing!

Batanes is best enjoyed if you have the most comfortable, affordable, convenient, and best accommodation.

I highly recommend staying at Ysabelle Homestay.

It is home away from home.It is owned by Ms. Elma S. Batallones. She is one of the kindest, hospitable, and accommodating persons I have ever met in my tour in the Philippines.

Address: corner Santana St., Brgy. Kaychanarian, Basco, Batanes (near LandBank)


Room rates 
Aircon - P1,000-P1,500/day
Non-aircon - P500
Twin sharing - P350/pax


Among the things I enjoyed while I was billeted in the homestay was the following:

a.  cable TV facility
b. "paluto" or do your own cooking
c.  motorbike rental / bike rental
d.  shower
e.  WIFI

         P1,500 room good for 2-4 pax

You will definitely enjoy her various tapsilog, tocilog, bangsilog, longsilog and other specialties. But my personal favorite is her noodles consisting of bihon, miki bihon, pancit canton and the pancit kabagan .

On my last day of stay, I even requested to her cook "dorado" and I really enjoyed the sumptuous meal!

In my three nights of staying, I fully enjoyed the comfort of my sleep.

  Resting Area

Resting and Viewing Area

They also have a restaurant. You can dine or order your food. Make your order or "paluto" but you have call ahead of time.

They also offer tour and travel services in Batanes.

Your stay in Batanes will surely be complete and comfortable at Ysabelle Homestay.

Tour guide - Albert Antonio (0919 287 3457) Fee -P1,000 for the whole day

Best Restaurants and tour package - 

How to get there

From Manila (by air)

Book a flight either from PAL or Skyjet

From Tuguegarao (by air)

Book a flight either from SkyPasada or NorthSky

NorthSky Air
Basco – 0949-155-0100
Itbayat – 0920-965-1495
Tuguegarao – 0929-570-1350 / 0908-275-6188

Sky Pasada
Office Hours in Batanes – Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday – 9:00 – 11:30 (Airport) / 12:00 NN – 4:30 pm (Ticketing)
Flights – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (starting March 9, 2015)
Tugeugarao – 0999-992-9378 / 0927-496-2894

From Tuguegarao (by sea)

Only possible during summer

Island Tours
Basco to Sabtang - by boat (6 am departure) Fare - P75/pax (45 minutes) 4 boats available
Basco to Itbayat - by boat (5-6 am departure) Fare - P400/pax (2.5 - 3 hours) 3 boats available
Basco to Itbayat - by sea (NorthSky) temporarily not available

Best time to go to the Island - March - May (summer)

Rental fees

Motorbike rent - P100/hour
Bike rent - P20/hour
Van rent - 1,500 (back and forth from Basco to Ivana port) 
Van rent South tour - P3,000
Van rent North tour - P2,000 


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