Sunday, December 23, 2012

Enjoying Baler

Diguisit Beach, Baler, Aurora
December 21, 2012. The world was supposed to end this day. But it did not happen..

INSTEAD, I ended up waiting six hours for my trip to Baler, Aurora in Cubao.

Early morning, I paid all my credit card and phone bills and then afterwards, I went to Valenzuela City to meet someone very special.

Around 5pm, I arrived in Cubao and went to Genesis Bus Station which is near the Baliwag Station. I made the reservation and got # 45 for the third trip which was scheduled to leave at around 12 midnight. The security guard on duty told me to arrive around 11 pm and I might be given the benefit of being a chance passenger. I took that as a good sign. But wait, it's only 5:30 pm. I had to kill my waiting time. Then, I thought of watching a movie to augment the waiting hours. And so I watched the movie "The Hobbit." 

After 3 hours, I was able to finish the movie. I enjoyed the movie!!! I am a great fan of the LOTR series!

I immediately went to the Genesis bus station and the first trip was just boarding. There were four bus trips slated that evening. 

The reserved seats were being called by the barker and luck was on my side, there were plenty of seats available after he was finished and I asked the conductor if I could be a chance passenger and he nodded. I boarded!

Ordinarily, the travel from Cubao to Baler is 6 hours but it took us 7 hours that night thanks to a stone-throwing incident which happened in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija. Our bus was crippled since the bus could not travel fast; otherwise, the whole glass window which was hit by the stone would have fallen off. Anyway, we reached Baler around 6 am and I made the necessary inquiry for my Baler tour and I knew then that it was going to be a long day. 

I went to Joy Bus (also of Genesis) station and booked a 4:30 am trip back to Manila. Then,  I hired the guy named "Bobby" (0930-110-7294)to be my driver/guide in Baler. We agreed to go to 4 destinations and the first stop was Ditumabo Falls.

Rent of tricycle for half-day -P500 / whole day - P800

It was raining that morning and we were cruising against the wind and the rain.

After 45 minutes we reached our first destination.

Guide fee - P100
Parking - P10
Cottage - P200/day

The jump-off point looked enticing even though it was raining.

I was a bit worried that the rain might get stronger and my backpack would really get wet. 

I was told that the ascent and trek was good for 30-40 minutes.

We had to cross this bamboo bridge first to get to the other side and start our trail.

We had to cross the river for five times before reaching the spot.

The road was not only slippery but it was also muddy.

The rocks along the river provided provided the extra adventure. I had to walk carefully; otherwise, I would lose my balance and all my things would get wet.

I enjoyed the trail to the falls because of the river.

What a sight to behold!

After twenty minutes of walking, we reached a small falls along the way. And it was still raining.

The small falls =)

After ten minutes, I could hear already the sound of the falls, we were getting nearer to the falls.

The Ditumabo Falls or the Mother Falls

The force of the water going down from the top of the falls was so strong  that it created a showering effect as if it it was raining. 

Due to the rain and mist created by the falls, I was not given the chance to use my nikon dslr. It's a good thing I have my olympus underwater camera.

After making my video documentary, we started to go back to the jump-off point. 

This time it took us only twenty minutes, the descent was fast.

We started heading to the next destination.

From Baler, we headed to another town.
It took us more than an hour just to reach the next destination.

The 300 year old Balete tree in Maria Aurora.

The tree was huge but the Balete tree in Canloan, Negros Oriental (400 years old) was older and bigger.

What caught my attention was the attraction in the Balete tree. Tourists are allowed to climb the tree and experience the climb.

Since it was raining, I told myself - "No Spiderman stuff today!"

And after fifteen minutes, we were off to the next spot.

We headed towards the bay and it was still raining.

It took us an hour to reach the next spot.

The Amphere Beach

In Surigao City, they have a similar beach called "Pebble Beach while in Batanes, they have the "Valugan Boulder Beach."

After fifteen minutes, we went back to Baler for the two remaining destinations.

I fell asleep while we were going to the next destination. After an hour of travel we reached Sitio Cemento, Brgy. Zabali, Baler, Aurora.

The name of the resort is Dela Torre Beach Resorts (0999-674-8217)

Entrance fee -P20.00/pax
Cottage - P150
Overnight - P400

The rain got tired and it stopped for several minutes.

Cemento Beach

I tried to use my dslr but there were intermittent rains. And so, I used my underwater camera anew.

Then we drove to the next destination for ten minutes.

Diguisit Beach

Entrance Fee - P10/pax
Cottage - P500

God allowed me to use my dslr for a couple of minutes. And afterwards, it rained again. And we went back to the town, I asked my guide to bring me to one of best hotels in Baler.

Aliya's Surf Resort & Restaurant

I checked in and paid P1,800 (with free breakfast) for the room.

Van for Hire
Sherwin - 0908-755-5888
Rudy and Lily - 0999-667-8002
Gibo - 0948-371-4771

Triple Sharing - P1,800 (3 pax)
Quadruple - P2,400 (4 pax)
Quadruple Deluxe - P3,800 (4 pax)
Family - P3,200 (6 pax)
Family Deluxe - P3,800 (6 pax)

Contact Nos - 0939-939-0929 / 0939-939-0844 

Wifi is excellent!

I strolled in the beach and so many people were enjoying.

And this is what Baler is known for - Surfing!

Surfing boards abound!

I rested my back for thirty minutes. It was already 2 pm and I took my late lunch and afterwards, I went to town.

I went to the Pasalubong Center to buy some souvenir items.

Museo de Baler

The historical Baler Church

Dona Aurora's Residence (mother of Pres. Manuel Quezon) 

It was already 5 pm when I finished my tour in the town of Baler and I went back to the hotel.

The following morning, I woke up 3 am, fixed myself and boarded my Joy Bus ride back to Manila.

Joy Bus Reservation - (02)-709-0545 / (02)-709-0544

It's More Fun in Baler! =)

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