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Lake Sebu (7 Falls, 3 Lakes, 1 Tribe)

Seven Falls (Falls Nos. 1-7)

Three Lakes (Sebu, Lahit, Seloton)

One Tribe (T'boli)

This is Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

Lake Sebu can be reached either from Cotabato City or General Santos.

From Cotabato City, a plane from Manila to Awang airport. Then, take a General Santos-bound van ride (P300.00) for 3-4 hours and alight in Koronadal City (Marbel).

From General Santos, a plane from Manila to GenSan International Airport. Then, take a Cotabato City or Koronadal bound-van ride (P100) for 1 hour only and alight in Koronodal City (Marbel)

I took the first option since I came from Pagadian City (7-8 hours) and I paid P650.00. I went to Zamboanga City to see the Sta. Cruz Island.

It was already 4 pm when I arrived in Marbel.

I alighted in KCC Mall of Marbel which is situated at the heart of Koronadal City. One of the famous landmarks in the city.

After traveling for almost 8 hours, I wanted to rest my back and immediately inquired on 3 hotels.

The first hotel that I inquired was Ramona Plaza Hotel.

Contact Nos. - (083) 228-3390; 228-3284; 520-0251

Single room - P700.00
Double         - P1,050.00
Family          -P1,500.00
Matrimonial -P1,000.00
Junior          -P1,250.00
Family          -P1,800.00
Family          - P1,850.00

Unfortunately, there were no rooms available for a single person. 

I went to the next hotel - Casa Gemma. 

Contact Nos. (083) 2282-310; 2282-366; 2283-161; 2283-162
Single room P550.00 / Double P650 / Twin P700 / Family P1,500 / Suite P1,200

It was under renovation. 

And I went to the third - Greenstate Suites .

Contact Nos. - 
(083)-228-5409; 0921-642-7736; 0916-310-1300

Twin (B)   -P750.00
Twin (A)   -P900.00
Triple Sharing - P1,100.00

Double/Single - P750
Twin -P800
Matrimonial - P950.00

Double  P850.00
Triple Sharing P1,100   / Check out time - 11:00 am / Check in time 1:00 pm

I took the Mini Suite Class.

If you are going to pay using your credit card, the rate is P750.00

In cash, it is only P700.00. I enjoyed the room and stayed for 2 days.

And this hotel is the newest in the city.

Wifi is excellent! In fact, I made this blog inside the hotel for only 4 hours.

The shower, television, aircon are all in good condition.

The members of the staff are courteous, friendly and very accommodating!'

It really feels like your home!

I slept soundly that night and woke up 6 am for my Lake Sebu trip.

One of the best things about this hotel is that it is 5 minutes walk away from the terminal.

 The following morning, I walked to the ATS terminal.

The first trip to Lake Sebu is slated 7:30 am and the last trip at 3-4 pm.

I arrived 6:45 am and took my breakfast.

While waiting for the first trip. I met the chairman of the van drivers. His name is Edgar (cell no. - 0910-482-7124)

He told me the following rental rates of the van:
Koronadal to Lake Sebu/Gensan Airport  - P2,500
Koronadal to Gumasa, Sarangani - P5,000 / Overnight -P5,500

And this is the van to Lake  Sebu.

The fare is only P55.00

The travel time is approximately 45-50 minutes.

And it is not airconditioned.

Along the way, I admired the road to Lake Sebu.

One has to pass the Municipality of Surallah and then turn to Lake Sebu in Surallah. 

After 40 minutes, we reached Lake Sebu.

I was shooting my camera at the front glass of the van.

After ten more minutes of ascent, we reached the jump-off point of the Seven Falls.

I immediately looked for a driver/guide.

skylab ride

I hired Mang Rommel (cell no. - 0926-262-5435)

Only this motorcyle ride was available in Lake Sebu due to the rugged terrain and twist and turns of the road.

I paid P800.00 for the tour.

Mang Rommel served as my driver, guide, photographer and cameraman for my tablet.

After ten minutes of motorcyle ride, we reached registration area.

I paid P20.00 for the entrance fee.

And the trek to Falls No. 1 started.

The trek to Falls No. 1 was good only for 10 minutes.

Falls No. 1

Then, I went to Falls No.2. The trek was only 5 minutes.

                                                         Falls No. 2

Falls No. 3 (upper part)

Falls No. 4 (middle part)

Falls No. 5 (lowest part)

The shot was taken while I was cruising in the zipline.

In order to reach Falls Nos 3-7, we trekked for 40 minutes.

Along the trail, we passed Falls No. 5, then Falls No. 4, then Falls No.3

Falls No. 5

We continued our trek. And after ten minutes, we reached the next falls. 

Falls No. 6 (the lowest)

Another fifteen more minutes, we reached the last falls.

                                         Falls No. 7

We stayed and rested for 10 minutes, and then went back. Going to Falls No. 7, the trek was good for 45 minutes. The trek back was good for 50 minutes (mostly ascents)

While at the park, I availed 2 of the 3 amenities in the Seven Lakes.

The trampoline jump.

I paid P150.00.

The adventure is good for 10-15 minutes.

And the zipline ride.

The highest in Southeast Asia at 600 feet.

There are 2 ziplines.

Zipline #1 - 740 meters
Zipline #2 - 400 meters

I paid P300 for the zipline.
Souvenir Shirt - P250.00
Tip - you can get the soft copy once you buy either the mug or shirt.

I super enjoyed the Seven Lakes! I was no able to avail one of their adventures, the Zorb Ball. I have a dislocated shoulder injury. The pressure might dislocate it anew. No bungee jumping, sky diving and zorb ball for me.

Then we proceeded to the first resort. It took us 30 minutes to reach the first resort.
Along the way, we encountered 2 kinds of roads.

The rugged road 

Notwithstanding the rugged terrain, I was having a good time shooting my camera to the beautiful landscapes of Lake Sebu. I was listening also to the songs of Adele (Rolling in the Deep, Skyfall and Someone Like You) and Sitti's Bossa Nova songs (Bridges, Para Sa Akinand Fly me to the Moon). I was having a great time!! =)

The long and winding road

I am lost for words on how to describe Lake Sebu..

Mountain Lake Eco Resort

Contact Nos. - (083)-826-1009; 0918-962-2209; 0917-311-3071

Room rates
Tebobow (3 pax) P1,200
Te Ada (2 pax) P1,000
Dwegey (2 pax) P900
Sloli (2 pax) P800
Tebendwu (2 pax) P800

Gono Rooms (7-10 pax) rates from 1,100-P1,600
Family rooms (6 pax) P1,500

Among the amenities are kayaking, boating, trekking and the FLOATING RESTAURANT.
It is the only resort offering this amenity.

My personal choice. The view, amenities and the serenity are the main considerations.

Second stop was a ten minute ride from Eco Resort.

Punta Isla

If you want fun, then this is your resort.

It has slides and T'boli dance.

It is also crowded.

Contact nos. (083)-238-8503/ (083)-826-0962; 0919-451-5015; 0905-528-5134
Room rates (to follow)

Third stop was -

Dolores Lake Resort

Contact No. - 0917-521-4666

My second choice

Rates -

Matrimonial w/o CR- P600.00
Matrimonial w/o CR Lake view - P750.00
Matrimonial w CR - P700.00
Twin bed Room - P1,000
Family Room - P1,500 (4 pax)

Fourth stop -

Mountain Log Resort

Contact Nos - 
Jojo Sanchez - 0927-746-6279
Leonov Sanchez -0926-6295640
Edna Keley - 0916-487-9872
Yvone Haro - 0910-997-4527

Room rates (to follow)

Entrance Fee - P10.00 Adult
Big Cottage - P100.00 / P150.00
Small Cottage - P50.00
Suite Rooms - P750.00

No wifi

Fifth stop was at Lake Seloton.

Sunrise Garden Lake Resort

Brgy. Lake Seloton, Lake Sebu

Contact No. - 0927-750-0888

The Three Lakes

Lake Lahit

Lake Sebu

Lake Seloton

Finally, the last thing in Lake Sebu -

T'Boli Tribe

It was already 2:45 pm when I finished my tour.

I went to the terminal and boarded a van to Koronadal (Marbel).

Tricycle design in Koronadal

I went back to the city so happy that day! 

I truly enjoyed Lake Sebu.

It's really MORE FUN IN LAKE SEBU!!!

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