Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bakheng Mountain Sunset Tour (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Sunset viewing is one of the things I enjoyed most in my tour whether local or abroad. And I was given the opportunity in Siem Reap to shoot a sunset abroad. Last time I did this was in Phuket, Thailand.

If you are going to have this tour in Siem Reap, the first advice/tip is to come early on the site. It is better to be at the top of the mountain at exactly 5 pm due to the multitude of tourists.

The tour costs 10 USD from my hotel to the jump-off point and vice-versa. Again, it is better to arrive early on the jump-off point. I suggest you better start your trek at 4 pm. The ascent is good for 20-25 minutes only and there are so many tourists flocking their way up to the mountain. 

 The second tip is that there is an existing policy that short skirts, shorts, hanging shirts or sleeveless are not allowed to be worn  by females at the top of the temple. Third tip is the temple can hold only up to 300 visitors.

It was a good thing I listened to my instinct and I trekked as fast as I could. Upon my arrival at the entrance of the temple, there was already a long queue and it was only 4:45 pm.

I had to wait for 25 minutes before I was allowed entry to the temple.

While I was on the top of the temple, I roamed around and saw plenty of tourists waiting for same thing but they were kept busy by their souvenir pictures.

You can practically go around the temple in less than 2 minutes.

Time was drawing near and the sunset was eagerly waited by everyone.

The weather was cloudy that day and I
immediately jumped into conclusion that there will be no majestic sunset but I still waited.

For a couple of minutes, we were given a glimpse of the sunset.

Bahkeng Mountain is best spot to observe the sunset since it is the highest point in Siem Reap.

The sunset did not turn out as expected but it was enough.

The cloud formation blocked the view and I decided to descend.

Going down, I saw this man still patiently waiting for sunset and looking at the horizon.
But I kept on descending and went back to town. Afterwards, I went to the Old Market and had my night tour in Siem Reap.

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