Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coron Island Tour 2014 - Palawan, Philippines

April 12, 2014
Coron, Palawan

Last time I went to Coron was June 2012, I decided to go back and see once again the splendor and grandeur of Coron, Palawan. Although, the island was damaged by Yolanda last November 2013, the island still holds its prestige and beauty!

There are so many activities to do in Coron but primarily the main attraction is island hopping. There are several tour packages available for island hoppers. You have Tour A, B, C and D. If you are in a group, you can opt to avail of the P650/pax tour (5 pax minimum). But if you are alone, you can simply charter the boat for P1,500 for 5 destinations.

There are pros and cons on both. If you are in the group, you will get the tour at a cheaper price, there will be a free lunch and all the entrance fees are already paid. On the other hand, if you are alone, you control your time and you can concentrate on your favorite destination. Moreover, you can even ask your tour guide to add additional 3-5 spots from the usual 5 destinations only. I opted to charter the entire boat for the simple reason that I was alone, it was already afternoon when I arrived in Coron and time was not on my side.

Sea Coral Lodge (0939-924-0187) arranged for my tour for P1,500 (while my lodging was only P1,000/day). Maymay (0909-452-0682) of Nice in Paradise Travel & Tours (0999-995-6313 / 0917-8111-828) was my guide that day. He is very cordial, genial, and accommodating.

There were only three of us and we cruised the Coron bay.

It took us 15 minutes from the docking area before we reached our first stop - Kayangan Lake.

The boat was docked and I paid the entrance fee of P200. Please remember that had I taken the group tour, I would not have paid for the entrance fee. 

It took us 10 minutes before we reached the spot. And sight was something to behold!

Right side of Kayangan Lake

Left side of Kayangan Lake

Holistic view of Kayangan Lake

Crystal clear blue water

After staying in Kayangan for 30 minutes, we decided to go the next spot - Barracuda Lake.
From Kayangan Lake, it took us only 7 minutes before reaching the next spot.

From the docking area, it took us only less than 5 minutes before reaching the site of the lake. Tourists prefer Barracuda for snorkeling and diving. Entrance fee is P100.

Holistic view of Barracuda Lake

Another 5 minute boat ride and we were on the third and my favorite spot - Twin Lagoon. Normally, when I have my island hopping, I do not usually take a swim for the simple reason that after the swim I will not be able to hold my camera anymore. But Twin Lagoon is the exception. El Nido has what they call as Small Lagoon while Coron has the Twin lagoon and both are my favorites!

I was so excited to see the entrance of the first lagoon after 2 years.
Entrance fee is again P100.

I had to swim that day and I did!

Inside the Twin Lagoon

After staying in the lagoon for 45 minutes, we decide to have our extended island hopping experience. Normally, there are only 5 destinations per tour but this tour is the exception. I just had to see the other beaches. We just passed by the other beaches without docking; otherwise, we would have been charged P100 per beach.

And we started hopping from one beach to another. First stop - Smith Beach and Coral Garden.

Banol Beach
For snorkeling purposes, the spots are Cali's Point, Twin Peaks, Siete Pecados, Balinsasayaw Floating House, and Smith Coral Garden. But the two best spots are Siete Pecados and Balinsasayaw.

For wreck diving, Skeleton Wreck is the site to go to.

Sunset Lagoon

69 Beach

Skeleton Wreck

Panoramic view of Atwayan Beach

Atwayan Beach

CYC Island Beach
The only beach which has no entrance fee.

After going to CYC Island Beach, we went back to the docking area. But I had to wait for the sunset that day. And good for me that I waited.

Sunset in Coron

Island hopping in Coron

Travel and Tours
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Nice in Paradise Travel and Tours
Mobile No. 0999-9956-313 / 0917-8111-828
Tour guide: Narciso “Nono” Bastillo

Buho Travel and Tours (Coron)
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  1. Nice photos! :) I miss Coron! The beaches, the lakes, the very hospitable locals especially the very helpful boatmen! I make sure to go back to Coron at least once a year! I always book with Ultimate Coron Experience 0918 4659010 for the boat rental because of their excellent service! Highly recommended! :)

  2. Your photos are amazing! Kayangan Lake and Banol Beach are my favorites among the must-see places to see in Coron. I plan to go back there soon once I am able to get a discounted fare from Cebupac or PAL. :)

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