Sunday, April 6, 2014

George Town, Penang, Malaysia - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Last November 2013, I was able to tour in Melaka, Malaysia and marveled at its heritage structures. 
Melaka is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 
But my cousin Ryan told me that I have to see another heritage site in Malaysia - George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

So last March 2014, from Kuala Lumpur, I took a ride on my cousin Ryan's car and went to Penang, Malaysia. We reached Ipoh, Malaysia and spent the night in Ipoh. The following morning we continued our journey to Penang. After 3 hours, we reached our destination.

Our first stop that morning was the Town Hall of George Town.

It was Sunday that morning and we had to go to church and pray a bit. Our second stop - Our Lady of Assumption Church. It was a walking tour and it was fun.

Third stop for the day was the Penang Museum and the entrance fee was only 2 RM. I looked around the museum and saw the historical artifacts and structures of Penang.

Fourth stop was the Mansion which is tagged as one of the 10 best mansions in the world. We were not able to enter the mansion since it was  already lunchtime and the next schedule of the tour was 1:30 pm. Entrance fee is 12 RM. We decided not to join the tour.

Fifth stop and a couple of meters only from the Mansion was the Chocolate Museum.

From George Town, we had to drive again to our last destination for that day - Kek Lok Si Temple or the Chinese Temple of the Supreme Bliss. It took us only 15 minutes and we reached the spot.

The ascending trek to the temple was good for 15 minutes but we had to pay 2 RM for the reclining lift towards the temple. It was a sight to behold! One of the biggest Buddha structures that I have seen. It was so hot that day that we decided to descend immediately.

While in Penang, I was delighted to see their own traditional mode of transportation - the Trishaw. It is one of the most important mode of transportation for short distance only of 5 kilometers.

Penang, Malaysia is truly Asia!

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