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Malcapuya Island Tour 2014 - Coron, Palawan

Finding Nemo

The last time I was in Coron, I was not able to have the Malcapuya Island Tour for the simple reason that it costs P3,500 if you are going to charter the entire tour. But this year (2104), I will not be denied anew and I joined the group tour for the price of P1,200 (other agencies charge as much as P1,700),

There are so many travel and tour agencies in Coron. But I highly recommend - Nice in Paradise Travel & Tours (0999-9956-313/0917-8111-828). They offer the best tour in terms of food, price and a very accommodating, courteous and cordial staff (either ask for Nono or Maymay for your tour guide)

It was a bright sunny morning with clear blue sky in Coron and we boarded the boat bound to Malcapuya. The tour comprises of 3 islands, namely: Bulog Island, Banana Island and Malcapuya. There were 10 tourists in the boat that day and 3 of them were foreigners. Normally, it takes 1.5 - 2 hours before reaching the first spot. But after 1 hour and 20 minutes we reached our first destination - Bulog Island.

We were allowed to enjoy the island for one hour only (but we exceeded the time).

From the top of Bulog Island, you can see Two Seasons Island (accommodation in the island is priced at P50,000/pax a day according to my guide).

The island is small and you can cover the island walking in less than 20 minutes.

The view is spectacular!

And this is the best spot in the tour for snorkeling.

The underwater scenery is breathtaking and entertaining! Never leave the island without doing snorkeling.

After more than an hour, we went to the next island - Banana Island.
It takes only less than 10 minutes before reaching the island from Bulog Island.

Another island to behold!

We partake our buffet lunch at this island. We stayed in the island for two hours.

Some of my co-tourists decided to snorkel anew. But I decided to stroll in the island and take pictures of the scenery.

I remember Bantayan Island of Cebu while I was strolling in the island. The place is almost the same as Bantayan Island.

After more than 2 hours, we transferred to the last island - Malcapuya Island. According to my guide Nono, this is island is dubbed as the second Boracay due to the fact that its shoreline is almost the same as Boracay's shoreline.

After 15 minutes, we reached our last destination. Bulog Island and Banana Island can be seen from the shores of Malcapuya and again another sight to behold! 

I did a 30 minute snorkeling in the island. We stayed in the island until 4 pm and afterwards, we went back to the port of Coron. And what an experience! The Malcapuya Island Tour.

Travels and Tours in Palawan

Hadefe Travel and Tours 
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Tel. No. 048-434-1746, Mobile No. 0920-952-3280, 0917-849-6877
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Nice in Paradise Travel and Tours
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Tour guide: Narciso “Nono” Bastillo

Buho Travel and Tours (Coron)
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  1. Whoa! Lovely Man, i envy you Sir,unfortunately i havent travel to my Father's Province.

    I am rooting to your Future travel endeavours.

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  2. Hi! would like to ask if possible by 12noon going to malcapuya island?