Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Day in Rizal

Sembreak 2012. I just finished my Region 8 Tour. I was able to finish it in just eight days. There was still four days left before the start of the second semester in FEU.

For two days, I just stayed home and cleaned my room and my office. On the third day, I decided to go to Rizal!

The only place I had visited in Rizal was Antipolo City. Seven years ago, the faculty members of FEU went to Tanay for the yearly faculty day, and the view of Sierra Madre was spectacular.

A bit excited for the tour, I texted and called my friends to get information on how to go to Rizal’s tourist spots.  

And I decided to go only to the places that interested me. I trimmed the initial list into just four, namely – Daranak and Batlag Falls, Wawa Dam, Petroglyps and the Our Lady of Antipolo  Shrine.

One of my friends told me that going to Daranak from Angono was good for two hours.
And so I made up my mind and the final list contained only – Wawa Dam, Petroglyps and Our Lady of Antipolo Shrine. And I doze off.

The following day, I woke up 4 am, fixed myself and boarded a bus en route to Cubao and went to the terminal near Araneta Center and Gateway. Thereafter, I boarded an FX ride bound to Montalban. The cost of the ride was PhP40.00. The morning ride was good for one hour and ten minutes. I alighted in the town of Montalban and flagged down a tricycle to Sitio Wawa. The tricycle ride took ten minutes and I paid only P8.00. But before starting with my ten minute trek, I went to the Tourism Office and got myself a map and a brochure of Rizal.

Tourism Office

There were plenty of nature trippers and hikers on that day. I stayed for almost an hour. Took some shots and documented my stay using my tablet.

Going to the dam
Tunnel going to the dam
Wawa Dam
White rocks abound

Then, I went to Angono. Traffic was a bit heavy that day. It took me almost two hours to reach Angono. I went to the Municipal Hall and I saw plenty of Higantes (The festival is on November 22). 


I went to the Tourism Office (landline number -02-661-3646 ). I asked the officer-in-charge how to go to Petroglyps and they were kind enough to tell me how and the guy named – “Lito “, even chartered the tricycle on my behalf to Petroglyps. I paid PhP200.00 for the trip.

Petroglyps is located at the top of Angono and the landmark that you are near the spot is Thunderbird Resort.  Reaching the site, I asked the driver to accompany me inside and we both went to the spot.

The drawings were magnificent! Imagine the 127 drawings were dated to have been made 3,000 BC.

Viewing schedule: Monday - Sunday / 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Holidays - by appointment)
Contact no. - (02) 527-4792

I stayed for half an hour and decided to go to the Our Lady of Antipolo Shrine. It took me one tricycle ride and two jeepney rides before reaching the Shrine. The ride was one hour and a half.

Our Lady of Antipolo Shrine

I have visited the Shrine so many times already, but still it felt like it was my first time.

Finally, I went home to Batangas.  



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  1. Hi. Ur post is awesome and helpful. May i ask how to go to Angono from Wawa dam? I plan to go there by next week. Thanks

  2. Hi. Ur post is awesome and helpful. May i ask how to go to Angono from Wawa dam? I plan to go there by next week. Thanks