Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guimaras: A Paradise

Summer 2012. I have just seen Miag-ao Church, Molo Church and Jaro Church in Iloilo. 

Miag-ao Church

I am on Day 4 of my  Visayas tour. 

I stayed in Boracay for two days, passed Antique by land and slept in Miag-ao, Iloilo. My itinerary was just to visit the city.

Jaro Church

Just passed Iloilo to see the three famous (Jaro, Molo and Miag-ao) churches. I stayed in Iloilo City for six hours only. 

My destination - Guimaras.

From Jaro Church, I took a taxi and paid P60.00 to the pier.

From Iloilo, I took a boat ride to Guimaras. 

The boat ride was good only for 15 minutes and I paid only P15.00.

Weather was clear that day.

Upon arrival at the port of Guimaras, the first thing I noticed was how hospitable the people were for tourists, local or foreign. 

The tourism office was just located right at the port and they were kind enough to tell me everything that I needed to know about Guimaras such as the place to stay, tourist spots, means of transportation and even a guide.

It is not often that you see the tourism office just within your reach and I was so glad I went to Guimaras, Good start!  

I was even given a tricycle ride to my destination. I paid P150.00 for the ride. I could have used the van as the means of my transportation but I always prefer a motorcycle or tricycle ride.  

Along the way, I talked to the driver about the things that I needed to know in Guimaras. Well, that is what you get for choosing a tricycle and I also had so many bags then. I am more comfortable using a tricycle.
 From the port to Alubihod Beach, it took me almost an hour to reach the spot.

I immediately inquired.

Luckily, rooms were available that day. I paid P1,350/day for the room.

It was lunch when I arrived at the Raymen Resort and I ordered lunch at their canteen. While waiting for my lunch, I surveyed the area.

Raymen Resort provides good accommodation. Excellent choice for my 2-day stay in Guimaras and they also provide internet service. 

And the beach is just world-class. Guimaras is known for white sand beaches and Alubihod is one the best spots in Guimaras.

The sight of the beach mesmerized me!

The resort even provides island hopping adventure (0946-1192225) for their guests. 

I rested and never went out that night. I was so tired. I took a shower and doze off.

Day 2

The following day, I woke up late and I was not able to catch the sunrise. I walked to the beach. And told myself, "This is a good day to trek Guimaras."

From Raymen Resort, I walked to the next resort. 

I reached the ecological park and marine sanctuary of Guimaras in just ten minutes.

I paid only P30.00 for the tour inside the park and started my trek inside.

Aside from the JBLMU Eco Park, there are two resorts inside the park.

Contact Nos. - (033) - 336-5507

Villa Igang - (033) - 394-0024
Villa Corazon - (033) - 394-0030

The place is ideal for boating and relaxation. 

Along the way, I passed and visited their mangrove sanctuary. It has a bamboo bridge which is ideal for trekkers.

A good spot to relax and enjoy nature while walking.

The trek inside the mangrove lasted for 30 minutes only.

I went to another spot, the recreational areas.

The bridge inside the park is just one of the best things that you will see once you are inside the park.

Even though I was alone trekking the place, I enjoyed doing it on my own since the park offered so many fascinating spots.

The place was a sight to behold!

I continued my trek until I was able to reach the other side of the park.

Thereafter, I went back to Raymen Resort and I passed by a mango stand, and I simply cannot resist the world-famous - Guimaras Mangoes!


I brought the mangoes back to the resort and hired a guide for my land tour. I chose land tour over island hopping. It was hot that day, I took another shower before making my habal-habal tour. 

Habal-habal is popular in Visayas and Mindanao. It is a motorcycle tour of the tourist spots. 

My driver/guide that day was Jumar (0918-508-5557).

First stop, was the Old Trappist Abbey, a seminary. One of the tourist spots in Guimaras.

Next stop was the Old Lighthouse. There are actually three lighthouses here. The one in the picture is the second and the new one is behind the second lighthouse.

I even climbed the old lighthouse. I was very careful, it's a bit old and rustic.

I waited for an hour just to watch the sunset.

Here you can see the second (left) and the new (right) lighthouse. I marveled again at the sight of the sunset. I love sunset. Almost all my favorite shots are sunset shots. Very dramatic!

I went back to the resort and spent the night at the beach. Wandering...

After 2 hours, I went back to my room and called it a day.

Day 3

The next morning, I hired again the same habal-habal ride and went to the other side of Guimaras for my trip to Pulupandan, Negros Oriental.

This time I paid P400 for the ride from Nueva Valencia to Cabano.

I will never forget this boat ride. First, I almost fell using this gangplank. 

Second, I think we were overloaded that day. There were so many passengers that day and there were plenty of cargoes onboard the boat.

And lastly, the seas were so rough that I had to pray twice that day! 

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the ride! Part of the adventure in the Philippines! 

I arrived after a 2-hour ride. Next stop, Negros Oriental!

I enjoyed Guimaras! If given the chance I would love to visit the other white sand beaches of Guimaras...

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