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Puerto Princesa Travel and Itinerary

I have traveled in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for three times already. The first time was year 2010, the second one was 2011 (a birthday gift to both my parents) and the last one was February, 2012. I will make a separate blog for my first and best travel (2010) in Palawan since it included El Nido. 

Anyway, here is a sample itinerary should you wish to go to Puerto Princesa. Enjoy! =)

Itinerary – Puerto Princesa Tour
(3 days, 2 Nights)

DAY 1 (Puerto Princesa City Tour)
03:30     -             Call Time
03:45     -             Van Departure en route to Manila
05:00     -             Arrival at NAIA Terminal 3 (Airphil)
06:30     -             Breakfast at the airport (optional) 
07:30     -             ETD to Puerto Princesa, Palawan
         08:40     -              ETA – PPC Airport
         09:15     -              Pick up at the airport (30 minutes to retrieve your all your baggage)
         10:30     -              Check in Asturias Hotel (nap time is approximately one - two hours)
         12:15     -              Lunch –
13:00    -              City Tour -Crocodile Farm, Mitra’s Ranch, Baker’s Hill, Iwahig   Penal Colony, Binuatan Creation, Baywalk, Plaza Quartel, Cathedral Church, Tiange Tiange (souvenir shopping)
         18:00     -              Sunset viewing at the Baywalk for your sunset pic (optional)
         19:00     -              Dinner
         20:00     -              Night swimming at Asturias Hotel
         21:30     -              Sleeping time

DAY 2 (PPUR Tour)
         05:15     -              Wake-up time
         06:30     -              Breakfast
         07:00     -              Travel to Sabang (PPUR Tour)
         08:00-12:00           Waiting Time for PPUR
         12:00     -              Lunch Buffet Lunch Taraw
         13:00     -              Photoshoot
         14:00     -              Travel back to Hotel (will request for sunset viewing)
         19:00     -              Dinner
         21:30     -              Sleeping Time (you need your energy the next day)

DAY 3 (Honda Bay Tour)
         05:15     -              Wake-up time
         06:30     -              Breakfast
         07:00     -              Travel to Honda Bay
         07:30-13:00           Island Hopping (Pandan Bay, Snake Island and Pambato Reef) with buffet lunch
         13:00-14:00           Allowance for photoshoot
         14:00     -              Go back to Hotel
         15:30     -              Check in – PPC Airport
         17:35     -              ETD – Manila
         18:50     -              ETA – Manila
         19:00     -              Van pick up at the airport
         20:45     -              ETA - Tanauan City

·   In case of bad weather, prepare for additional charges to Dos Palmas Resort

Hotel -   Asturias Hotel
Airlines - Airphil


Crocodile Farm (my parents)
      DAY 2 - PPUR TOUR


Pambato Reef


1.       Any valid ID (needed in the airport)
2.       Toothpaste/toothbrush/sachet of shampoo/soap/deodorant/others
3.       Lotion and sun block/sunscreen (optional)
4.       Medicine (for allergy, asthma, motion sickness, etc..)
5.       Pocket money
6.       Flight details
7.       Itinerary
8.       Camera, video cam or any other video recording device
9.       1 maong pants
10.   Jacket/Sweater (1)
11.   T-shirt (minimum of 4)
12.   Shorts (minimum of 4)
13.   Underwear (minimum of 3)
14.   Shades or hat (optional)
15.   Better to have only slippers (unless you prefer to bring your rubber shoes)
16.   Charger for your cellphone and recording device
17.   Boarding Pass (at the airport)
18.   Ticket
19.   If you are carrying a baggage, make sure it is properly marked

1.       We need to be at the airport at least two (2) hours before the boarding time.
2.       Things not allowed in the airport (big shampoo, large toothpaste, umbrella, perfume, lighter, can opener, flammable liquids and aerosols, pointed objects, Swiss knife etc)
3.       Baggage limit is 15 kilos, Hand carry is 7 kilos
4.       Travel light. Don’t overpack. Three days only.
5.       Avoid bringing expensive jewelry.
6.       Remember your pair/partner.
7.       Get the telephone number/contact number of the hotel and your companion.
8.       Don’t answer the door in the hotel without first verifying.
9.       Close the door securely whenever you are in your room. Use all the locking devices provided.
10.   Don’t needlessly display guest room keys in public or carelessly leave them on restaurant tables, or other places.
11.   Don’t throw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.
12.   Don’t invite strangers to your room. Observe the curfew. No switching of rooms.
13.   Do not leave valuables in your vehicle/van.
14.   Check to see that sliding glass doors or windows and any connecting room doors are locked.

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