Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mesmerized in Camiguin!

Heaven on earth..

Camiguin is a small, pear-shaped island in the northern coast of Mindanao. It is approximately 54 kilometers southeast of Chocolate HIlls and roughly 90 kilometers from Cagayan De Oro City. 

Camiguin is a volcanic island with a rugged and hilly terrain. In fact, Camiguin has seven volcanoes and the most well-known among the seven is Mt. Hibok-Hibok. Its eruption  in 1951 made a significant impact in its present tourist destinations.  

Camiguin is one of my three favorite destinations in the Philippines. The other two are Batanes and El Nido. 

Holy Week 2011.Good thing the movie in the Paras Sea Cat trip to Camiguin was entertaining.

The trip from Jagna, Bohol to Benoni Camiguin was only two hours since I boarded a fast craft. Normally, it is four hours if you take the Cebu Ferry Cruise.

The sea trip was worth Php 550.

Camiguin can be reached either via Bohol or Cagayan De Oro using a fastcraft.

During the trip, I was busy surfing the net using my galaxy tab and watching the movie at the same time (multi-tasking

I arrived at the Benoni Port before 4pm.

I went to Paras Sea Cat booking office for my Cagayan de Oro trip slated on Sunday (April 24, 2011). Again, another Php 550.

I was looking for a ride to Mambajao for my accommodation. I have three (3) choices – van, tricycle and motorcycle (a.k.a. habal-habal).

Guess what did I choose?

Hmmmm…… the habal-habal!

Anyway, we went to the city. Inquired from one hotel to another hotel, cottage to another cottage, house to another house but to no avail. Tired and frustrated, I was already praying because dusk was catching up.

Patience, I need a lot of patience.

After, almost hours of searching for my accommodation, we were able to find one, and only one.

It was not a hotel but a house owned by a couple being rented for local tourists (homestay). No choice. I grabbed it!

Imagine, I do not have my separate comfort room, it is not even air-conditioned, and not even furnished and the price for a day a was Php 700 (that was the price of my lodge in Bohol). Well, I negotiated for a lower price the owner was under the influence of alcohol (actually, nag-iinuman pa sila ng dumating ako, tagay daw ako!? Huh??)

Anyway, I succumbed to Php 700/day. And I ended up paying Php1,400 for my two-day accommodation.

First thing I did was to wash my clothes. I was running out of cash and clothes. Clothes need laundry, cash needs ATM. And there was no BPI or BDO atm (my luck also was running out).

Dinner was the next problem…

So I went to Paras Beach Resort…

“This is the place where I should be with”, I told myself.

The place was great. It is the perfect place for a honeymoon!

Anyway, after having received the bill of P464, I changed my mind. Maybe next time.

And so I went back to my homestay, and I planned my tour for the next day.

I also planned to go to Bukidnon. Then, tired and fatigued, I doze-off.

Day 2 in Camiguin

I did not sleep much. I woke early around 5 am. I must start early since there were so many places to go to in Camiguin.

Camiguin is one of best island destinations in the Philippines. To name a few, you have Boracay, Apo Island, Siargao, Bohol, and Marinduque.

Camiguin offers a variety of tourist destinations ranging from water falls, hot and cold springs, volcanoes and beaches.
It is the place where you can enjoy your honeymoon!

First in the itinerary - White Island.

I went to the port, it was just a stone's throw away from where I was staying. I paid PhP400 for the boat ride (actually the sitting capacity is 4-6 persons, but since I had nobody to share it with, again, I paid for it.)

The boat ride was eight minutes only.

The White Island is majestic!!!

I walked the entire beach a multiple times and appreciated the beach, sight of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and the old volcano which destroyed the island sometime in 1871 (so much for my history).

It was 7 am and there were already so many local tourists in the island.

I stayed for one hour and a half and then decided to proceed to my other destinations for the day.

Enjoyed its white sand beach..

From the island, you can see Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

I met my guide ("Ibo") at the port and I reminded him of the places we agreed the previous day and we embarked on our journey. Motorcycle tour at its best! =)

Anyway, it was Good Friday and good thing we went to Walk Way (or the 14 station in Camiguin). It was an uphill climb on foot. 

Normally, it takes one to walk it back and forth for 2 hours but we were able to finish it an hour's walk (brisk-walking hehehe).

Next in the tour - Sunken Cemetery.

This is actually the landmark of Camiguin.

Then, a series of tourist destinations followed...

Old Church / Old Gui-ob Chirch ruins (destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Hibok-Hibok in the 1800s)

Soda Water Resort

You have to taste the water to believe that it really tasted "soda."

And yes! It tasted soda..

Jump-off point to Tuasan Falls

One-hour trek started and you have to hire another guide.

My guide and I trekked towards the falls, I did not know that the site was that far.

After minutes of walking, I can hear the sound of the falls and it was just a five minute walk.

Finally, the Tuasan Falls!

Sto. Rosario Church (one of the oldest churches in Camiguin)

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

One of the delicacies sold in Camiguin.

Along the way home, we passed the Old-Volcano.

Day 3 in Camiguin

The next day I had to check out and bring my things because I will be going to Cagayan De Oro.

Another beautiful day in Camiguin followed!

Ardent Hot Spring

Katibawasan Falls

Enigmata Tree House

Macao Cold Spring

Ostrich Farm


Moro-Moro Watch Tower

Giant Clams

Taking a brief respite along its white sand shoreline.

The last destination for that day was Mantigue Island.

I was having the time of my life. I was not able to brich any sun block and so I had to wear my jacket .
Personally, I prefer Mantigue Island over the White Island.

Again, I had to pay for the entire trip. I paid PhP1,500 for the trip. But it was worth every penny of it!

You can trek the island inside the forest.

I enjoyed the trek!

I love Camiguin! Fell in love with the island. I promised myself that I will be back.

N.B. - total cost of the tour - Php 7,018

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  1. Want to go to Mantigue Island and Sunken Cemetery and also want to taste the Soda Water in Camiguin :D Hay very romantic and relaxing place. Thanks for the photos and Information about Camiguin, Mr. Jun Villegas. :P