Monday, March 18, 2013

Amazing Quirino!

Four days before Christmas 2011, and here I am traveling again in the Philippines.

Prior to Quirino, I went to Tuguegarao and Ilagan, Isabela. I had to make this trip to Quirino. This was long over due for me. Had been planning this trip for years. and finally, it was realized!

From Ilagan, Isabela, I took a bus and alighted at Magsaysay, Cordon, Isabela.

You should never miss the spot because it is the only way to Quirino!

And from the the stop-over, I took a van ride to Cabarroguis, the capital of Quirino. It took me more than an hour before I reach the the Maddela.

And it was past 7 pm when I arrived at Madella, and the first thing I did was to look for a place to spend the night.

Good thing I was able to find one, Villa Caridad at Barangay Villa Sur, Maddela, Quirino.

It is a resort and a restaurant.

I spent the night at the resort but I was not able to sleep much. It felt really spooky that night! Or maybe I was just tired, alone and imagining things.

The following morning, I chartered a tricyle (there was no habal-habal) for the amount of P500.00 for my day tour in Quirino.

From Villa Caridad, it took me 45 minutes before I reach the spot. Along the way, I hired a guide for P200.00 only.

The first stop for the day - Maddela Waterfalls and Forest Resort.

From the jump-off point, we had to trek for 15 minutes before we reached the first stage.

The Maddela Waterfalls consists of seven stages. It has crystal-clear pools and cool shade picnic areas. The place is an excellent site for nature retreat and a day of relaxation.

My guide and I continued our ascent up to the fifth stage. But since it was raining that day and the trail was really muddy and slippery, we were not able to reach the last stage.

After the Maddela Waterfalls adventure, I decided to head to the next spot - Governor's Rapids!

And the rain did not stop, it continued while we were traversing the road to Governor's Rapid in Cabbaroguis.

It took us 45 minutes before we reached the jump-off point. My guide and I went to the Barangay Hall to make the necessary inquiry and registration before heading to the spot.

And again, I had to bear the muddy and slippery road. So much for my vacation.

Everything was there! Rain, mud and a cloudy sky!

But all of these are part and parcel of the thrill!

After 15 minutes of slippery road, we reached the spot.

Our initial problem was finding a boatman for my cruise in the river.

After waiting for 15 minutes, we were able to find one.

And this is the reason why they call it the Governor's Rapids!

No life jacket today! This one is really an extreme one for me. Imagine, it was raining, the rapids are turbulent and look at the boat. I had goosebumps that day. Plenty of it! I was busy balancing the boat that day and holding to the boat! I had my cellphones, tablet, camera, dslr etc on my pockets and jacket. No swimming for me that day!

After 30 minutes, the boat ride was over. Whew!!

We trekked back to the parking area of the tricycle and my guide brought me to the van station for my ride to Aglipay.

 After 20 minutes, I alighted at my next spot - the Aglipay Caves! 

I registered at the reception area and they were having their Christmas Party. I hired another guide again. But this time for spelunking!

This is the entrance of the the first cave. And all the fun started here..

There are narrow spaces inside and you simply had to squeeze your way inside!

Then, there were times you had to crawl!

And pass the smallest opening inside the cave! I was not mentally prepared for it. Good thing I was able to push my way through!

There were plenty of stalactites, stalagmites and columns inside the cave. But unfortunately, some of the columns were not preserved. Rule # 1 - Never touch it! Otherwise, the hundred years of its making is rendered useless!

After 2.5 hours inside the cave with my guide, we reached the end. 

And I thought the fun was over when my guide told me that we reached the end.

I was wrong! Last part of the challenge was to climb and ascend to the exit of the cave using this ladder.

The very slippery and muddy ladder!

Finally, I saw the light! I was so tired that day! Imagine the trek to Maddela Waterfalls, the  adrenalin rush at Governor's rapids and finally the backbreaking, exhausting and energy-draining spelunking at the Aglipay Caves. 

But all of it for FUN!

Amazing Quirino!

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