Monday, March 25, 2013

Camotes Island (White sand beach and tourist spots)

View at the Santiago Bay Resort
There are plenty of tourist spots in Cebu. But what stands out in Cebu is its islands. And one of the  premiere islands for tourists is Camotes Island.

From Cebu City, flag down a taxi and go to the North Bus Terminal. Travel time is around 15 - 20 minutes. Fare is around P100.00.

Arriving at the terminal, you can ride a bus en route either to Hagnaya, Maya or Bogo City. All these buses will pass by Danao Port. Travel time from the terminal to Danao port is approximately 1 hour. Fare is P60.00 aircon.

Then, alight at the port of Danao (it is situated along the highway).

Buy a ticket en route to Consuelo Port. Travel time is 2 hours. Fare is P180.00 non aircon and P200.00 for aircon (aircon is first-come basis only).

Then, you will board this Ro-Ro. There is only one shipping line plying the route - Jomalia Shipping. Travel time is 2 hours.

Schedule of their trips are as follows:

Danao Port to Consuelo Port
5:30 am / 8:30 am / 10:00 am / 12:00 nn / 5:30 pm / 9:30 pm

Consuelo Port to Danao Port
4:00 am / 5:30 am / 9:00 am / 12:00 am / 2:00 / 4:00 pm

Contact persons
Danao Port - Meme (0906-364-0873)
Consuelo Port - Jomari (0923-338-7566)

Upon arriving at the port, hire a habal-habal ride to your resort/accommodation.

The best choice is Santiago Bay. The view is simply spectacular!

This is where I stayed and you will not regret it. But it has no cable television and wi-fi.

Room rates
Non-aircon -P1,000 (2 pax)
Standard aircon - P1,500 (2 pax)
Oceanview - P1,700 (2 pax)
Deluxe - P2,000 (2 pax)
Deluxe family - P2,600 (3-4 pax)
Bayview - P2,800 (2 pax)
Villa - P2,500 (3 pax)
Bungalow - P3,000 (3-4 pax
Villa Family - P5,000 (5-6 pax) 

Contact Nos - 032-345-8599 / 344-6899 / Telefax - 032-420-3385
Email -

Swimming Entrance for outsiders - P15.00
Adult - P100.00
Kids - P75.00
From Consuelo port, travel time is 15-20 minutes (8 kilometers).

Second best choice is Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort.

You will love the infinity pool, wi-fi and cable television.

Room rates -
Standard - P2,500.00
Deluxe - P2,800
Beachfront - P3,000
2BR suite P6,000
Honeymoon P6,000
Suite Cabana A P3,500
Suite Cabana B P3,200
2BR Cabana - P5,500

Travel time from Consuelo Port is 10 minutes (5 kilometers).

Third choice is Mangodlong Rock.

It has a huge rock in the middle of the resort.

Room rates -
Beachfront - P2,200
Beachfront family - P4,000

Swimming for outsiders
Adult P75.00
Kids - P50.00

Travel time from Consuelo Port is 10 minutes (5 kilometers).

And the Coco Grove.

Room rate - P1,800.00

Travel time from Consuelo Port is 10 minutes (5 kilometers).

Should you choose to stay in Camotes Island, you can go around the see the various tourist spots. They have Old church, falls, cave, Boho Rock formation and Lake Danao.

Lake Danao

Should you wish to tour the island, the cost of the habal-habal tour is P600.00 for 3-4 tourist spots. The tour is whole day. The farthest is the cave tour.

But I paid P250.00 for the tour of Lake Danao and the 3 resorts that I mentioned. The tour was good only for 2 hours.

My guide's name is "Zobel" - 0910-409-8550. He is very kind and accommodating.

It's More Fun In Camotes Island!



  1. Love your pictures. Stay in focus and keep shooting!

  2. Thank you for including us in your website! If you need a better picture with the pool view, let me know!

    God Bless!

    Coco Grove Nature Resort

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  4. Hahaha!! I love you sir. You really have a useful diary. Lols. Thanks for your blog. -Blezie Lobigo

  5. when it comes to a great time under the sun and waves, definitely Camotes island is one of Cebu's tops. cheers and more power always ;-)

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    1. do you still have transportation services even until today?

  7. Thank you for this blog post sir. I booked a flight to cebu alone and I've been looking for a nice place where to stay there. This is very helpful. I just have one question: How can i visit the cave in camotes island? how much would it cost? Thank you. :)

    1. The details and cost of the trip are found in the first part of this blog. =)

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  9. Hi Sir. which resort would you recommend the most? Santiago Bay Garden or Mangodlong Rock Resort? thank you in advance!

  10. Hi Sir Jun, would you know the earliest trip of the bus going to Danao? i'm planning to take the 05:30am trip of the boat to camotes. Thank you

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  12. Can you please drop me a message in my yahoomail How much if we rent "habal-habal" for a day tour for 2pax?