Monday, March 25, 2013

Malapascua Island (Best Island in Cebu)

Malapascua Island 

I have already made my list of my top ten tourist spots in the Philippines, but I think I have to change it upon seeing MALAPASCUA ISLAND in Cebu...

North Bus Terminal

Going to Malapascua Island, starts from Cebu City. Board a taxi and tell the driver that you are going to the North Bus Terminal. Taxi fare is around P100.00 and travel time is 15-20 minutes depending on your location in Cebu City.

Upon arriving at the terminal, you have to board a bus en route to Maya Port. Take either the Ceres bus or the Rough rider bus. Travel time from Cebu City is 4 hours. Fare is P163.00 for non-aircon and for aircon around P200.00.

Maya Port

Along the way, you will pass Danao City. Travel time from Danao City to Maya is 3 hours. Then the next city is Bogo City. From Bogo City, travel time is only 1 hour.

After 3.5 - 4 hours, then you will reach Maya port.

Then ride a pumpboat to Malapascua Island. Fare is P180.00. But there are times when there are no passengers and you have to share the cost of P1,200.00 with other passengers. They need at least 26 passengers before going to the island.

First trip from Maya Port to Malapascua is 7:30 am and the last trip is 6 pm. The boat usually leaves every 30 minutes.

On the other hand, from Malapascua to Maya Port, the first trip is 6 am and the last trip is 3pm.

Travel time onboard the pumpboat is 25-30 minutes only.

Then after 30 minutes, you have reached paradise!

Malapascua Island is totally different from Boracay. First, there are only a few people (mostly foreigners). Second, there is no partying at night. And third, the island is undeveloped and so for nature lovers, you will simply love the island and be amazed!

There are plenty of accommodations to choose from such as -

Malapascua Legend

Room starts from 2,500 - P5,000
Tel. No. 0930-888-8889

Ocean Vida

Room starts from P3,300 - 4,700

They accept credit cards.

Cocobana Beach Resort

Room starts from P900 - P2,400 

Blue Corrals

Best spot for sunset viewing

Blue Water

Room starts from P1,100 - P5,500

This is where I stayed.

Malapascua Is known as a diving spot for foreigners (for the Thresher Shark) and that is the reason why you will see a lot of them.

One can simply sit at the beach and enjoy mother nature. But one of the best things that you can do here is sunset viewing.

Malapascua Island is truly a Paradise!

It's More Fun in Malapascua Island!


  1. Nice pictures!

    I have also taken pictures of the island when I went there.

    Leandro at Malapascua Island

  2. Hi, thanks for your info. It has really helped me. Do you remember if you are able to park a private car at maya port for a few days? We will be driving up from Cebu with a rented vehicle. Thanks

    1. It's a small port. But the port is near the market. Probably, you can ask somebody to look/guard for your car while you are in the island.

    2. Hi Cedric, I was also planning to bring a private car. How was your trip? did you find a parking space to leave your car while your on the island?

  3. Hi sir. I will go to malapascua next month. San mas maganda magstay, blue water or exotic? I find exotic resort very nice.

    1. Malapascua Legend at Ocean Vida ang the best. Blue water, is ok and one of the cheapest. I have no idea sa exotic. Enjoy! Miss you

  4. Changed my mind sir. Maybe i will visit it on december if ever i wont get any job pa. Hopefully i can visit malapascua, nalusuan and bantayan. Hirap magsave e. Nako!! Ang sarap bumalik sa pagiging student namimiss ko yung tourism law! Hope to see you sir. Punta ka sa sinulog.

  5. hi, do you know any parking space to leave car at maya pier? we had booked car rent, drive own. thank you.

    1. you can park your car at the Maya port, the old one. you will just pay 50 php per day

  6. Malapascua is very small island but it has a lot of things to discover.. No car, only motorcycles are available there.

  7. Hi po, plan to go this october end meron po bang pwede maparadahan ng motorcycle sa maya pork? thanks