Monday, March 18, 2013

Visita Iglesia - Cavite (2010)

Visita Iglesia is an annual custom for me. I ask repentance for all my sins and thanksgiving for all the blessings that I received for the entire year.

It was year 2010. I started from Tanauan City, Batangas (my hometown). Traveling alone in my bike and cruising with an average speed of 110-120 kms/hr. Wait till you feel the wind brushing in your face at that speed, it's really great as if you were gliding in the air!!!

Well, my church visit started from Tagaytay City- Alfonso-Aguinaldo-Magallanes-Maragondon-Ternate-Naic-Tanza-Salinas-Novelete-Kawit-Imus-Dimasalang-Silang. Then, went back home. It took me the whole day to finish it.

                             First stop - Tierra De Maria (Tagaytay City)

           Second stop - San Juan Nepomuceno Church

                    Third stop - Baylen/Aguinaldo Church

                                               Fourth stop - I forgot (sorry)

                                                         Fifth stop 

                                                Sixth stop (I need help naming the church)

                                     Seventh stop - Ternate Church

                               Eight stop - Holy Cross Parish

                                                          Ninth stop

                                                             Tenth Stop

                                                            Eleventh stop

                            Twelfth stop - Imus Cathedral

                       Thirteenth stop - Dimasalang Church 

                                Fourteenth stop - Silang Church

I will never forget the last stop. I was caught entering a one-way lane. Honestly, that was the first time I went to Silang and I pleaded my case to the traffic enforcer. I explained to him what I was doing and with Divine Intervention, no traffic ticket or fine was meted. Now, that is what you call miracle!

Ciao! =)

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