Monday, March 18, 2013

Visita Iglesia - Cebu and Bohol (2011)

As part of my yearly routine during Holy Week, I am sharing the different churches that I have visited in the Philippines. Part of this annual custom is visiting at least 14 churches which symbolizes the 14 stations of the cross. And as a devout Catholic, this practice has been religiously observed throughout the years.

 Visita Iglesia - Cebu and Bohol (2011)

It was summer 2011. And there I was in Cebu visiting the Magellan's Cross and it was a good thing that the Sto. Nino Cathedral is just beside the Magellan's Cross.

Second stop - Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

I stayed only 5 hours in Cebu and I went to the port and boarded the ship to Bohol.

Third stop - Tagbilaran Church

Then, the St. James the Apostle Church

Honestly, I forgot the name of this church..

Sixth stop - Loboc Church

Seventh stop - Loay Church

Eight stop -  Alburquerque Church

Ninth stop - Baclayon Church

Tenth stop - Dauis Church

Eleventh stop - I forgot (sorry)

Twelfth Stop - Panglao Church

Thirteenth stop - Lila Church

Fourteenth stop - Dimiao Church

Fifteenth stop - Church of Valencia

Sixteenth stop - Garcia Hernandez Church

I know God wouldn't mind If I visited 16 churches instead of the usual 14 churches. 
This is Bohol!! 
If the exterior and facade are fascinating and breathtaking, 
you should see the interior and the belltower of the church. 
I simply love the churches of Bohol!!!

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